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Bethany Cordwell is a designer, maker and artist based in Brisbane, Australia. Known for her vibrant and highly detailed conceptual designs, her work sparks conversation and wonder through its strong aesthetic, visual narrative and focus on creating thought-provoking work through a playful and inviting lens.


Bethany graduated in 2018 from a Bachelor of Design- Fashion Design (Honours) from Queensland University of Technology. 

Here she created fashion and costume pieces inspired by art, sculpture and volume. Throughout her course, Bethany has undertaken a variety of experiences, such as interning with Opera Queensland and attending a summer program in Paris. 

After graduating, Bethany has gone onto successfully working for both Rachel Burke- @imakestagram and Queensland Ballet’s Wardrobe Department. Here, she has learnt an array of industry-level skills in production, quality and importance of storytelling through fashion and costume, which has informed and inspired her work going forward as a designer and artist.

Throughout Beth's portfolio, you will find a collection of her creative ventures to date, from fashion and design to craft projects, illustrations and art.  


If you would like to learn more about Beth, follow her Instagram here.

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